The Helsinki Reception Center will become part of the Finnish Immigration Service

Transit centers are reception centers located close to the Office of the Finnish Immigration Service, where asylum interviews are conducted. These centers are primarily intended for new asylum seekers who have just arrived in Finland.

“The Helsinki Reception Center has a proud tradition, and its location, mission and the number of customers it serves make it a critical part of Finland’s reception system,” said the director. Mikael Laurinkari From the Finnish Immigration Service.

The Helsinki Reception Center includes an institutional transit unit for 150 people and a service point, which currently provides statutory services to about 800 asylum seekers living in private dwellings. These include social and health services and reception allowances.
The employees of the reception center will become employees of the Finnish Immigration Service

The change will be implemented as a business task, which means that the permanent staff of the reception center, who are currently employed by the City of Helsinki, will be transferred to the Finnish Immigration Service. The Finnish Immigration Service is also currently recruiting additional staff. The reception center employs a total of about 40 people.

The Helsinki Reception Center is managed by Mikael Laurinkari, who also serves as the director of the Helsinki Detention Unit. These functions have been formed into a single organizational unit.

” When highly qualified personnel with good experience in their field are transferred from the city of Helsinki, we have a strong foundation on which we can continue to operate the reception center and develop it as part of the central government, ‘said Laurinkari.

The Finnish Immigration Service is responsible for directing, planning and supervising the activities of reception centers and detention units. The state-owned reception centers are located in Lappeenranta (Joutseno) and Oulu, and the detention units in Lappeenranta and Helsinki. Other reception centers are run by other actors, such as municipalities and organizations. There are currently 30 reception centers in Finland with about 5,160 customers.

The transfer of the Helsinki Reception Center’s operations is not related to the situation in Afghanistan.

Source: Finnish Immigration Service

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