The High Court adds one year to the sentence for two from the Porsche gang

The sentence of nine years in prison for 22-year-old Danyal Maarouf was upheld, while 30-year-old Jihad Ismaiel was sentenced to two months of his sentence of seven years and two months in prison.

The Ismaiel brothers were also expelled from Denmark permanently.

The Porsche gang got its name because the members are driven around in leased Porsches. Previously, they were known as the McDonald’s Group.

They are convicted of having sold 3.2 kilos of cocaine in and around Skive. In addition to cocaine, Ibrahim El-Zeibak and Mohammad Jawdat Ismaiel have also been convicted of selling around 200 kilos of hashish.

In addition, a number of other crimes have been convicted in the case.

When the police in the autumn of 2018 suspected that there was organized drug trafficking, wiretapping of a number of telephone numbers was launched. Interception equipment was also placed in three cars belonging to the convicts.

When the police thought the evidence was sufficient, they struck.

In 2020, the first cases were settled against some of the “little fish” in the case – the sellers – who were responsible for answering the sales phone.

As a result, seven people were sentenced to prison for nearly 1,500 drug trafficking cases.

But the police investigation did not stop there. They also went back and tracked about 300 drug buyers from the network. Police managed to find the identities of 280 buyers.

It was people from all walks of life. It emerged, among other things, that employees from the local barracks had ordered drugs from the network. It has ended with a fine for the majority of buyers.

Source: The Nordic Page





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