The number of cases of RS virus continues to rise

The number of cases of RS virus continues to rise

Very young children in particular are currently affected by the RS virus. Since mid-May, 1734 cases have been found in Denmark. Most are children between one and three years old.

According to SSI, RS virus is the most common cause of young children being admitted with a respiratory infection.

The infection often progresses as a cold, but especially in young children under six months, a lower respiratory tract infection is often seen, leading to breathing problems.

It is not known for sure why there are unusually many cases of RS virus in Denmark right now. But the same picture is seen in several other countries.

According to SSI, this may be due to the fact that society has now reopened. Thus, RS virus also has better chances of spreading.

The symptoms of the virus usually start as a classic respiratory infection. The nose starts to run, you get a fever, and then it develops and goes further down into the lungs, which can make it difficult for small children to breathe.

Source: The Nordic Page





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