Traffic noise increases the risk of dementia

Massive project
The enormous research project, which SDU carried out in collaboration with Roskilde University, OUH and the University of Copenhagen, took into account the addresses of the 2 million Danes and the proximity to busy roads and railway lines.

They then cross-checked the data with national health registries to identify cases of dementia (Alzheimer’s disease, vascular dementia and Parkinson’s)

The report showed that of the 8,475 cases of dementia registered in 2017, 1,216 can be linked to traffic noise.

One possible explanation for the impact of noise on health relates to the release of stress hormones and sleep disorders, leading to coronary artery disease, changes in the immune system and infection – all early indicators of early dementia.

The results were published this week in the respected scientific journal, British Medical Journal.

Source: The Nordic Page





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