Wr-App It Up! A new safe sex phone game

Iceland regularly records some of the highest sexually transmitted diseases in Europe. In response, the Health Directorate launched a creative public health campaign. Vísir reports that a new smartphone game, Smokkaleikurinn, aims to raise Icelanders’ awareness of the dangers of sexually transmitted diseases and highlight safe sexual practices.

“Education has been neglected and the number of cases is increasing every year” – noted Björn Thorvaldsson, CEO of Gamatic, which produced the game. The goal in the game is to use condoms (with the logos of Durex and the Icelandic pharmacy chain Apótekarinn) to catch sperm and viruses. Between the stages of the game, facts about sexually transmitted diseases appear on the screen, as well as incentives for players to use condoms.

Björn says the game even includes a speech by a famous Icelandic man appearing on-screen to talk about the importance of using condoms in a fun way. Although Björn did not name this guy, you can guess that the Icelandic in question is none other than LGBT icon and beloved pop performer Páll Óskar, whose performances could be seen at Reykjavík Pride. This will not be the first time Páll lends his authority to a campaign promoting safer sex practices. In 2013, he directed and narrated a short film “Fáðu já!”in which he spoke about the importance of affirmative consent when it comes to any sexual contact. You can watch the movie with English subtitles HERE.

“Simply put, it’s foolish not to use contraception. A woman who gets chlamydia can become infertile, ”concludes Björn. “And if syphilis is left untreated, it can have serious consequences.”

Smokkaleikurinn will be available next week on Apple stores for iPhone and GooglePlay for Android devices. It is not yet known if the game will be available outside Iceland

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