Yle survey: Every third Member of Parliament wants to attend new regional meetings

Finland will vote in the elections for new regional meetings in January, and MPs are among the candidates.

Nearly half of respondents to Yle’s survey said they hadn’t decided yet, while nearly one in three said they would drive.

About 115 MPs responded to Yle’s questionnaire on candidates for new meetings that decide on health and social policy.

Opposition MPs were more likely to consider rising prices in regional offices than those in government, and representatives of basic Finns were most likely to say their candidates in the provincial elections.

Ten MPs from the Finnish party announced that they would run for office, four of whom answered no and four still on the fence. They were the only party that a majority of legislators announced their intention to run for office.

MPs who refused to take part in the competition gave various reasons, such as time in Parliament and local councils (Finnish MPs often perform the duties of a local councilor in their home country) and possible conflicts of interest.

Others said they were willing to be there to help make decisions on important issues.

The new institutions will be selected from 20 of the 21 new regional authorities set up to manage social and health services. Helsinki forms one of these areas when the municipal council makes decisions without new elections.

The election is scheduled for January 23, and the eligibility requirements are the same as for the municipal election. This means that voters do not need Finnish citizenship in order to obtain it, as a two-year stay is enough for residents from outside the EU and only 51 days for residents of EU countries, Iceland or Norway.

Source: The Nordic Page





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