A collection of Swedish cars found their home in Sturgis

RAPID CITY, SD (KOTA) -A collection of Swedish cars calls home Sturgis, a couple in western South Dakota have shown off their lifelong collection of Saabs. Tom Donny collects Saabs, Swedish vintage cars that went out of production in 2013. Right now he has around 100 at the Saab Heritage Museum in Sturgis. “Well, when you have a car, sometimes you have two cars, and then you have 4 cars and then you have 8 cars and 16 and 32 and 64 and pretty soon you have more than one hobby, but you have more of a bad one. habit, says Donny. Tom says that it is not about how fast the cars are but about the life they lived. cars are about the stories, stories about ownership. “Every car was driven by one person, and every person has a story,” we have a car that we brought in from Sweden that has 100 real miles on it and it was owned by a lady who was a teacher at the University of Stockholm, two weeks after after buying the car, her brother was killed in a car accident and she could not force herself to ever drive or drive again, says Donny. Patty Donny has been right by Tom’s side when they built their collection together. She says that when the cars are now shown, the legacy of the cars can be passed on for generations, “they are no longer manufactured so we needed to set it up so when we are no longer here the cars would be preserved and continue … so for me it is a fulfillment of a lifelong dream and a goal we talked about. ”Jay Leno bought a car from Tom and Patty’s collection and another car was used in an episode of Seinfeld.
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