Large exercise races will affect the Great Belt Bridge’s traffic on Saturday

Large exercise races will affect the Great Belt Bridge's traffic on Saturday

On Saturday afternoon, several thousand will run over the Great Belt Bridge.

This happens in connection with the association Broløbet Storebælt arranging races for both adults and children.

For adults, it is possible to run the distances half and quarter marathon. This corresponds to approximately 21.1 kilometers or 10.6 kilometers. For children it is possible to run a distance of 2.5 kilometers.

Up to 15,000 runners can participate in Saturday’s race, Broløbet Storebælt informs on its website. All races start at 15.30.

As the races take place across the Great Belt Bridge, it will have an impact on car traffic.

During the races, only two of the bridge’s normal four lanes will be used for car traffic. At the same time, the status of the road changes from motorway to ordinary country road at a speed of 80 km / h.

The traffic diversion will take place from 2.45 pm, and it is expected that the traffic on the entire connection will again be diverted to normal traffic at 7.30 pm.

The organizer draws attention to the fact that there may be waiting time during conversion to bi-directional traffic – ie where only two tracks are used by the cars – as the bridge was closed completely down to car traffic for about 20 minutes while traffic is diverted.

On Saturday, it is the eighth time that Broløbet Storebælt runs races across the bridge.

In 2018 and 2019, the race was not held when the then Minister of Transport Ole Birk Olesen (LA) closed the race. He did so after there had been a major traffic chaos in connection with a half marathon over the New Little Belt Bridge.

Also in 2020, the race did not come to anything. This time it was because of the corona, which also ended up postponing a lot of other events.

The original plan was that this year’s race should have taken place in May. But due to the corona guidelines at the time, it had to be pushed to September.

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