Ohisalo was re-elected unanimously as leader of the Greens, a replacement for parental leave will be appointed

Minister of the Interior Maria Ohisalo has been re-elected President of the Greens for a second term, as expected. He did not oppose the gala meeting held on a distant Saturday.

He is scheduled to lead the party until 2023, but will have to start parental leave within a few weeks.

One of the three vice presidents, who will be elected later on Saturday, will become Ohisalo’s temporary deputy until next year. The decision on the duties of the Minister of the Interior will be made later.

The candidates for vice-chairmanship are members of parliament Atte Harjanne, Hanna Holopainen, Inka Hopsu andIiris Suomela, and an alternate Mika Flöjt, Helsinki City Councilor Fatim Diarra, Tampere City Councilor Jaakko Mustakallio and the campaign manager for the Greens Markus Drake.

Brother Liikanen will continue as party secretary, while Silja Keränen will continue as head of the party’s parliamentary delegation. Both did not oppose their mission either.

The party has the fifth largest group of the election period with 20 seats. The virtual meeting will be attended by more than 400 party members.

Third parental leave during the term of the Board

Ohisalo, 36, has been the leader of the Greens, Minister of the Interior and Member of Parliament since 2019.

In July, Ohisalo announced that she and her husband are expecting their first child in December.

At that time, the Minister of Finance Annika Saarikko (Cen) congratulated him on Twitter and added: "I wonder if there are other countries in the world where three heads of government have had babies during the same term?".

Saarikko had a baby in late 2019, followed by another party chairman and government minister, Li Andersson (Left), last January. All opposition parties are led by all five government parties women.

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