SF wants Muhammad drawings into teaching material

SF wants Muhammad drawings into teaching material

Last year, it attracted attention when a Danish teacher was threatened with murder when she wrote on Facebook that she will use the Muhammad drawings in her teaching in the future.

Now SF proposes that teaching material should be made for teachers so that they no longer have to make the decision themselves.

In her speech at SF’s national meeting in Kolding, chairman Pia Olsen Dyhr says:

– In Denmark, there are Danish teachers who do not dare to show the Muhammad drawings in their teaching, neither in primary school nor at university, for fear of violence or threats of violence.

– And then it is that we must ask ourselves: How much freedom are we prepared to give up for the feeling of security ?, says Pia Olsen Dyhr.

By making joint teaching material, it will not be the individual teacher who can be threatened with silence, SF believes.

– We can not let the perpetrator dictate the limits of our freedom. When educators have to fear for their lives due to certain topics, then we have to say stop.

– We must stand side by side with the French in the fight against terrorism and the latent threat of violence. If we bend gradually and little by little, then we bow to what has been called the “Violent Veto”. Then we let the threat of violence, murder and terror stop us in our freedom, says Pia Olsen Dyhr.

Thus, like former chairman Villy Søvndal, she proposes that Denmark should not be tolerant of the intolerant. It is part of SF’s DNA, says Pia Olsen Dyhr.

– SF arose from a showdown with communism, closedness, dictatorship, freedom. SF was founded as a direct consequence of the Soviet Union’s invasion of Hungary in 1956, she says.

– Thank you to those of you who have taken that part of SF’s legacy to you. And who understands that the battles are the same, but simply unfold in new guises, as the world changes, says Pia Olsen Dyhr.

The Danish People’s Party has advocated that teaching material should be made with the Muhammad drawings, and that it should be made a compulsory part of teaching in primary and secondary education.

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