Søvndal: Mayor post is within reach

This is how it sounds from SF’s former chairman Villy Søvndal. Søvndal is running as mayoral candidate for SF in Kolding in the local elections on 16 November.

Here, SF hopes that the party’s former chairman will succeed in breaking 12 years of Liberal rule.

And it will be a Villy Søvndal in shape who shows up. The joy of politics is the same, and physically he feels completely ready for the next two months’ election campaign.

As Minister of Foreign Affairs, Søvndal underwent surgery for a blood clot in his heart in 2013, but he has since continued his political career in Region South, where he was surpassed by 69,841 personal votes only by regional chairman Stephanie Lose (V) in the 2017 election.

This time, however, Villy Søvndal may be able to take first place when it comes to personal votes. Kolding’s current mayors, Jørn Pedersen (V), who was the big vote-getter in the last election, has decided not to run.

On the other hand, former Minister Eva Kjer Hansen (V), who is known from her many years of work at Christiansborg, has chosen to run in Kolding.

– We have been in a lot of election campaigns together, but I have the advantage that I have lived in Kolding since 1976. Also during the time I was in the Folketing.

– This is where I’ve lived my life. This is where my kids grew up. This is where I have been a member of Kolding City Council for 12 and a half years, says Villy Søvndal.

At the same time, he believes that the people of Kolding are ready for a change of power in the municipal council.

– Kolding has some problems after 12 years with the Liberal Party at the helm. The population is rising less than expected. And we are number one shock of 98 municipalities when you look at the average expenditure per pupil in primary and lower secondary school. In 2019, Kolding Municipality was out in huge savings in the social area, and it has given a lot of anger in the city, says Villy Søvndal.

As with SF at Christiansborg, Søvndal will in its campaign in Kolding have a special focus on the primary school. Green transition as well as better conditions for the elderly, disabled and socially disadvantaged are also among the key issues.

Question: You got a nice election to the regional council in Region South in 2017, but did not join the constitution. Did you learn anything from what happened last time?

– I think someone had decided that they would do without us. You can not completely guard against that.

– This time we have a really close and trusting collaboration with S, and we have had many good discussions with other parties, says Villy Søvndal.

He reiterates several times that nothing is at home yet, but it is in the air that the lines of a constitutional agreement with the Social Democrats, the Radicals and the Unity List may already be in place.

In the end, however, it is the voters in Kolding who decide whether the city should have a change of mayor from blue to red.

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