The Liberal Party calls SF’s criticism of foreign policy totally historyless

He reminds SF that the party has supported the war in Afghanistan.

– First of all, I think it is totally historyless. We must not forget that SF actually helped us to be involved in Afghanistan 20 years ago.

– And they have fortunately backed up the mission in the following years, he says.

The timing of the criticism is not satisfactory to the V rapporteur either.

– It is about a response to one of the biggest terrorist attacks the West has ever seen. There we went with our allies into Afghanistan, and then SF chooses to use the 20th anniversary of it, to make this attack on us.

– I think it would be better to spend the day today commemorating the victims who were attacked by a very violent terrorist organization, says Michael Aastrup Jensen.

That “the war on terror has played bankrupt”, Michael Astrup can not see.

– I do not think that the war on terror has played bankrupt, if you look at the terrorist attacks that were 20 years ago, then we have not seen it again.

But today he can see that we cannot create democracy everywhere.

– There has been no democracy in Afghanistan. I’m one of those who thought we could have democracy a la Western standard. We must admit that we cannot.

– But that does not mean that we should not continue to fight for women’s rights, and that people have the right to decide over their own lives, he says.

Michael Aastrup would like to remove Denmark’s defense reservations so that Europe can have better military cooperation, he explains.

– We must pursue an activist foreign policy – with two strings. On the one hand, we must have an active diplomatic development strategy. We simply have to spend money on democracy-building projects.

– And then we must have the capacity to use military troops, as we do in Mali, for example. We will have to continue the fight so that we can be safe here in Europe, he says.

Source: The Nordic Page





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