The police release six men in a case of stabbing in Odense

The police release six men in a case of stabbing in Odense

The perpetrator behind a stabbing on Friday in the Odense district Vollsmose is still at large. It’s status Saturday morning.

During the attack, a young man was stabbed in one thigh and one hand. Subsequently, six people were arrested.

But they have all been released again. The releases took place on the night before Saturday, Funen Police inform TV 2 Funen.

The police district has previously told on Twitter that the six people were arrested for “restoring calm” in Vollsmose, when unrest arose in the area in the wake of the stabbing.

According to the police, the stabbing is not a random attack, but is believed to be part of an ongoing conflict in Odense.

– The incident is estimated to stem from an already ongoing conflict between factions in Vollsmose, it sounded from the police on Friday night on Twitter.

The attack took place in Lærkeparken in Vollsmose in the late afternoon on Friday.

Also last weekend, the police had to move out to a knife stabbing in Vollsmose.

Here, a 30-year-old man was assaulted with a knife. He was stabbed in the chest and hit in the lung, but escaped the episode alive.

A 16-year-old boy was charged with stabbing and on Monday remanded in custody for a preliminary four weeks.

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