The river flooding in Skagafjörður has begun

The flood began on the glacial river Jökulsá vestri, which flows from the northern part of the Hofsjökull glacier. This information was confirmed in a report by Northwest Iceland Police.

At the moment, the water level is not expected to rise to such an extent that it would pose a risk, but it is likely that the water level will increase and the water in the Héraðsvötn river will be muddy.


Along with the elevated water level, a sulfur smell may appear and people are advised not to stay near the river.

The river where the flood started flows together with Jökulsá austri, approximately 8 km south of the mouth of the Norðurá River to the Norðurárdalur Valley in Skagafjörður. National Road 1, between Varmahlíð and Akureyri, runs along these rivers.

Halldór Jóhann Einarsson, a seed technician in Úlfsstaðir near Varmahlíð, whose farm Úlfsstaðir is close to the Héraðsvötn River, admitted in an interview with journalists that he had not heard of the flood yet.

Halldór, who grew up in the area of ​​Úlfsstaðir, says that floods are rare in this area in the fall. Inhabitants are more used to spring floods occurring during the thaw.

“I do not remember such autumn floods” Says Halldór Jóhann.

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