The son helped the actress on the right course

On 11 September, the actress, who has Danish grandparents, turns 60 years old.

– I have to pay the rent, but I also need something meaningful, she said in 2018 in an interview with the American online media Jezebel.

Virginia Madsen has, among other things, starred in the horror film “Candyman” in 1992, which is one of her better known roles. Although the film was successful, it did not cast more roles for Madsen.

– I did not work properly. Appearing in a horror movie did not help one’s career back then. It would have done so now, she told Jezebel in the same interview.

She did not take proper care of herself, ate a lot of pizza, smoked cigarettes and had sleep problems. Virginia Madsen herself has suspected that she was depressed at the time.

Madsen became the mother of a son in 1994. In the interview with Jezebel, she tells how it helped her further in her life.

– Things started to fall into place because of my son. I became more motivated and I got control of my mind and my body. That was the only way out for me.

In addition to the horror role in “Candyman”, one has been able to experience Virginia Madsen as a princess in the science fiction film “Dune” from 1984. She has also guest starred in the successful comedy series “Frasier”.

In 2004, she was nominated for an Oscar statuette for best supporting actress in the film “Sideways”.

The film was also nominated for several other awards at the awards ceremony.

Virginia Madsen has been married twice. Between the two marriages, she had a longer relationship with her son’s father. She married her second husband, actor Nick Holmes, in 2020.

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