Cargo ship has run aground in the Limfjord

Cargo ship has run aground in the Limfjord

As the incident was not immediately reported to the maritime authorities – which is a requirement – the captain of the ship faces a fine.

For the same reason, the police have become involved in the case.

– Due to the slow notification of the grounding, the maritime authorities have asked us to give the captain a fine, says Karsten Højrup Kristensen on Sunday morning.

No people have been injured on the ship, and there are no reports that there is a danger of contamination of the Limfjord.

– They are now trying to pull the ship free, and when it has succeeded, it must be pulled into port, says the chief of guards.

According to the regional media Nordjyske, which has been in contact with the maritime authorities, the cargo ship sails with lime.

Source: The Nordic Page





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