The Crown Prince has been out on the Royal Run route: Worth the wait

– It was the circus horse that smelled of sawdust. Then it should start. It’s great to be up and running again, actually. I have not run a race with official timing (timekeeping, ed.) For two or three years, says Crown Prince Frederik to TV 2 after the race.

Among other things, the Crown Prince ran with Danish veterans who have physical and mental injuries after their time in the military. At the same time, the race was part of the celebration of the 100th anniversary of Denmark’s reunification with Southern Jutland.

Later in the day he will run one race in Odense and two in Copenhagen. It becomes almost 15 kilometers in total.

Before the race in Sønderborg, the Crown Prince told TV 2 that he is proud of the momentum that Royal Run has gained among the Danish population. The race, which was founded by the Crown Prince in 2018, was postponed last year due to the corona pandemic.

– I am extremely proud that the race has come so far, and of the momentum that is in it. It has been worth the wait, he said.

– It’s a great day to wake up to. It is a jumble of great and long expectations, and we must all rejoice that we have the opportunity to be so many together now, it sounded from the Crown Prince.

Also Crown Princess Mary and three of the couple’s children are running with Sunday.

The Crown Princess has flown to Aalborg, where she will run five kilometers at approximately 1 p.m.

On the royal house’s Instagram profile, she writes that she can already “sense the special atmosphere at the Royal Run” on the plane.

– I have looked forward to experiencing it again. Today I have to run five kilometers myself. But whether it is One mile, five kilometers or ten kilometers (which my husband throws himself into later !!), that is today’s challenge, it is also about us having a good shared experience, writes Mary.

The Crown Prince has also been at the keys after today’s first race in Sønderborg.

– I look forward to a festive day around the country, and I hope that everyone who participates or follows on the sidelines, will have a good experience, he writes on Instagram.

Princess Isabella, Prince Josephine and Prince Vincent, ran 1.6 kilometers in Copenhagen on Sunday morning, while Prince Christian according to TV 2 is at the boarding school Herlufsholm and therefore does not participate.

Source: The Nordic Page





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