The police about trouble in the nightlife: We are back to normal

The police about trouble in the nightlife: We are back to normal

The full reopening of the nightlife can be felt by the police, where officers in several places in the country on Sunday night had to move out to fights and other forms of unrest.

In general, however, the amount of trouble was as expected, several police districts – including the Copenhagen Police – inform on Sunday morning.

– We have had some cases of street violence, but it is no more than before the corona epidemic, says duty officer Henrik Stormer from the Copenhagen Police.

– It’s “business as usual”.

At the police in North Zealand, “a few” were taken to the police station on Sunday night to sleep off the intoxication.

In addition, a man was arrested in Elsinore because he “could not speak nicely” to the staff at a disco and also behaved violently towards the police when officers reached the place.

This is what duty officer David Borchersen says.

– It is a completely normal nightlife picture, he says.

The same message comes from the other police districts on Zealand and from the East Jutland Police.

At the South and Southern Jutland Police, a few, extremely drunk guests in the nightlife were arrested in Esbjerg and charged according to the order.

– They were arrested so that we could ensure peace and order.

– But in addition, it has been very calm and peaceful, says duty officer Torben Møller.

Also in North Jutland, some “drunkards” were arrested on the night before Sunday. And then an affected motorist hit several cars in the city center of Aalborg. No one was injured in the accident.

– There has been nothing out of the ordinary, says duty officer Karsten Højrup Kristensen from North Jutland Police.

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