Anders Breinholt stops as host of Natholdet after 11 years

When the autumn season of the late night show “Natholdet” ends in December, the host Anders Breinholt stops.

It writes TV 2. Breinholt also writes it on his Facebook profile.

– When the clock “strikes” on December 24, 2021, it will also be the last time I have worn a piece of clothing with the Night Team logo on, he writes.

Anders Breinholt has been in charge of “Natholdet” since 2010, and it has grown to over 900 episodes.

– Since I got the idea for the “Night Team” – and developed it with a small handful of people and over the years with hundreds of people – I had never dreamed of or dared to hope that over a decade later I can look back on the best time in my working life, writes Breinholt.

He tells TV 2 that he will be “filled with pride if another talented host should have the courage to run the program further”.

But who a possible heir may be, he will not unveil.

– As I say in the season’s first episode of Natholdet: “Stay tuned for more news”, he says to TV 2.

According to Breinholt, he has long gone with the decision of his exit.

– Back in December last year, I went the heavy walk to the program manager and program director on TV 2 and informed them that 2021 will be the last year I host the Night Team, he writes on Facebook.

A few months before – in September 2020 – Breinholt celebrated its tenth anniversary with “Natholdet”.

In that regard, he told the Ritzau that when the time came, he himself wanted to make the decision to stop.

– I have not reached when the good time is, it sounded at the time.

– But I’ve always thought I should pull the plug myself. I would hate myself if TV 2 made the decision, said Anders Breinholt.

However, Breinholt has previously left the helm to other hosts.

In season 9, he was away to make the program “Breinholt & Friends”. Here the service was handled by changing comedians.

The decision to stop is due to a desire to try something new, says the experienced TV host to TV 2.

– After the 24th of December, I must have just slept drunk after the Night Team’s Christmas calendar.

– But then a long holiday awaits me and my family before I sit down and find out what should happen next, it sounds.

The fall season is the 23rd season of “The Night Team”. In the program, Breinholt, together with a well-known Dane as co-host, has seen clips from programs and news broadcasts.

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