Chef exit heralds difficult future for DR’s drama

It now has consequences at DR, where drama director Christian Rank stops.

Henrik Bo Nielsen, director of DR Culture, Children and Young People, says that “a new start” is needed for DR to seize the opportunities in the field of fiction in the future.

– There have been disagreements, and it is quite clear that something must happen for trust to be restored. Therefore, I believe that the most right thing is a fresh start for a new drama director, and Christian can also understand that, he says.

The question is who can do it. It is a daunting task for Danmarks Radio as a public service group to gather the Danes – at least to try it – but that goal is becoming increasingly challenging.

It does not help that streaming giants have made their entrance and serve programs with billions of budgets behind them at any time with a single tap on the remote control, says media commentator Lasse Jensen.

– It’s getting harder and harder, and we know well why – the migration from flow TV to streaming and the offer.

– It puts DR under pressure, and it is a very difficult and complicated pressure, because you have to straddle both streaming and flow, says Lasse Jensen.

In 2017, DR had great success with “History of Denmark”, but this was a documentary series with dramatic fictional renditions.

Back in 2014, DR made the historical drama series “1864”, which had a fine viewership, but in return received criticism for distorting history.

– There are many examples that it has succeeded. But it is a few years back.

– Everyone knows that it is expensive to make drama, and it is expensive to make historical drama, says Lasse Jensen.

Rasmus Glenthøj deals with Danish and Scandinavian history at the University of Southern Denmark. Under the current case, he may also be worried about the future of the big drama series.

– When the largest media group in Denmark is not able to lift this, then no one can. And then it’s the American giants who take over.

– Do you have anyone at all who can convey a Danish or Scandinavian story ?, he asks.

Glenthøj has himself participated in “Historien om Danmark” and “Grænseland”. DR, the historian believes, can still gather an audience, and that makes him even more sad that the story of Leonora Christina is littered for now.

– In relation to communicating Danish history to the Danish population, such investments are basically fantastic. They create a story, an interest and an awareness. So I’m sincerely sorry.

At DR, Henrik Bo Nielsen acknowledges the challenge.

– Just 10-15 years ago, DR Drama stood in a place where we were the only ones who had a large portfolio of drama series at this level. Now we experience that there are many providers and a sharp price increase in the market, he says.

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