DR’s drama director stops after major TV series shipwreck

It has created unrest that a large-scale DR drama about the king’s daughter Leonora Christina Ulfeldt has been put on pause.

It now has the consequence that the head of DR Drama, Christian Rank, stops.

This is what Henrik Bo Nielsen, director of the department DR Culture, Children and Young People, says.

– On top of the turbulence that has been about the long postponement of the production of Leonora Christina, we have a deadlocked and tense situation in relation to DR Drama.

– Christian Rank and I have discussed how we can get out of it and calm down. We have not been able to achieve that peace, so we have had to stop the cooperation, he says.

The series about Leonora Christina Ulfeldt, who was the daughter of King Christian IV and imprisoned for 22 years, should have been shown in 2024.

But according to DR, it would not be possible to create the series within “the given financial framework”.

In addition, there has been a lack of “necessary experienced forces to steer a production of that magnitude safely to targets”.

According to Henrik Bo Nielsen, there have been “intense discussions” since the announcement of the postponement, in which he and Christian Rank have participated.

– There have been disagreements, and it is quite clear that something must happen for trust to be restored. Therefore, I believe that the most right thing is a fresh start for a new drama director, and Christian can understand that as well.

In addition, increasing competition means that peace of mind is needed.

A new future drama director will help set a direction for DR’s drama department, which will find its feet in the “scorching market”, says Henrik Bo Nielsen.

– Just 10-15 years ago, DR Drama stood in a place where we were the only ones who had a large portfolio of drama series at this level. Now we are experiencing that there are many providers and a sharp price increase in the market.

– We are working on where we need to stand, and this is relevant in connection with the hiring of a new drama director.

Henrik Bo Nielsen believes, however, that the assumption that DR Drama is no longer a flagship for series production is wrong.

– But when things change over a number of years from one big player to many players, there are other conditions to work under. In this connection, it is absolutely crucial that there is calm and good relations.

– Then we should probably be able to tell stories that make DR Drama still stand in its own class, but in a different way and in a different reality than 10 years ago.

Until a new drama director is found, the deputy director of DR Drama, Marianne Bennetzen, will be acting.

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