FACTS: Michelin guide should make car owners drive far

FACTS: Michelin guide should make car owners drive far

Get the story behind the distinguished guide here:

* The French dining guide Michelin has existed since August 1900. But the first Danish contribution came only in the 1980s.

* The guide was created in France by the tire manufacturer André Michelin. The first guides had useful information for car owners on where to refuel the car and how to change tires and light bulbs.

* The travelers were also given tips on where to eat and spend the night. The idea behind the guide was supposedly to get motorists to drive further on the roads so that they slid their tires and thus would set in motion the tire manufacturer’s business.

* For the first two decades, the guide was distributed free of charge.

* In the 1920s, the Michelin stars came into being.

* The first Nordic Michelin guide was published in 2015 with 39 star restaurants – but none with three stars.

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Source: The Nordic Page





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