FACTS: Three Michelin stars are worth traveling for

FACTS: Three Michelin stars are worth traveling for

Read here how the restaurants are rated:

* According to the Michelin Guide, food – and only food – is rated by stars.

* Assessment of service, atmosphere and other impressions is rewarded with crossed cutlery (1-5 cutlery).

* Since 2020, restaurants can also receive a green star that pays tribute to restaurants with a sustainable approach to gastronomy.

* Three stars in the Michelin guide means that a restaurant is “worth traveling for”.

* Two stars means the restaurant is “worth a detour”.

* A star means it is a “really good restaurant in its category”.

* The stars are awarded only on the basis of the food served. Five criteria guide the inspectors in their assessment:

1. The quality of the raw materials.

2. “The craft” – that is, the taste and cooking.

3. “Personality” – that is, how well the chef has managed to find his own expression.

4. Something for the money.

5. Quality over time – it must be an equally fantastic experience, no matter when you visit the restaurant.

Source: Michelin.

Source: The Nordic Page





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