Mødrehjælpen launches chat counseling for abused children

Mødrehjælpen launches chat counseling for abused children

Figures from Statistics Denmark show that the number of notifications of children and young people fell by approximately 2,000 – corresponding to 2 per cent – in 2020.

The notifications from school teachers fell from 29,179 to 26,956 from 2019 to 2020. That is a decrease of 8.2 percent.

The chat counseling is on the website erduokay.dk, where you can also watch videos about children living with violence and be registered online with other children living with violence.

Trine Schaldemose explains that Mødrehjælpen has received help from an expert group consisting of children who live or have lived in families with violence.

– Some of what they have told us is that it can be really difficult for a child to talk to an adult about it.

– The expert group has said that they would rather have a chat or a phone call because it is not so dangerous to write to a foreign adult on a chat, says Trine Schaldemose.

She explains that children most often tell their friends when they tell them that they are living with violence.

Therefore, children can also seek help on the website if they know or suspect that their friends are being abused at home.

You can send text messages to the counseling, and in the period 15-18 Tuesday and Thursday there is a live chat.

Mødrehjælpen’s deputy director explains that it is psychologists and social workers who answer the children’s messages.

– The professionals can assess whether a notification should be made and whether an IP address should be traced so that you can get some police out and get hold of the child where it lives.

– They can also help the child in relation to which adults are close to the child that the child can talk to, and they can also help them into some of the treatment efforts that we or others offer, she says.

The website has been developed in collaboration with the Ole Kirk Foundation.

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