Most of the country’s new local police stations will open before the new year

During the autumn and winter, the trip comes to a streak of cities across the country as a result of a settlement, which means the creation of 20 new local police stations.

The vast majority open before the New Year, while the last are expected to follow in early 2022, the Ministry of Justice informs. Only one is set to first open “end of 2022”. This is a station in Korsør.

According to Minister of Justice Nick Hækkerup (S), the new stations must ensure proximity and security locally.

In recent years, Denmark has moved to a place where much has been centralized, because spreadsheets have shown this to be good business. But one has lost closeness, security and the sense of what is going on. We want to give that back, he says.

The local police stations are part of the police settlement that was entered into in December last year. The stations will have a total of 150 officers available measured in man-years.

The stations must be open for 15 hours a week so that citizens can physically contact them.

The idea of ​​the 20 local police stations with opening hours was criticized when it was published. In an article in Berlingske, the chairmen of 11 of 12 police associations said that they did not see police professional reasons for the initiative.

Instead, they pointed to the need for more staff for the general police effort instead of “tying more people to bricks.” But that criticism has failed, says Nick Hækkerup.

– It would be relevant if the people were taken from other police work. But the Danish police are growing with 450 extra officers. 100 of them are used to staff local police stations. So no one is being taken away.

– The officers do not sit behind closed doors during the other hours. There they will be out at schools, at town parties or in areas where there is insecurity or an investigation is to be carried out, the minister says.

The local police stations have been located according to criteria of geography and crime.

– There are some areas that are harder hit by crime than others. So it is clear that when we look at where we are going to deploy, it is important to get more police officers there.

– We have placed the stations where we think they can do the most good, and where the proximity has suffered a setback, says Nick Hækkerup.

The plan for opening is preliminary. The Ministry therefore reserves the right to make changes.

Source: The Nordic Page





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