Sick Danes are unusually busy in medical centers

He is a general practitioner in Haslev on Zealand and has contact with doctors across the country with the same experience.

Both in the form of an increased number of inquiries to the medical centers and busyness in the emergency room.

It is not coronavirus that is causing the bustle of doctors at the moment.

On the other hand, there are other well-known viral and infectious diseases that may have been kept down due to the common precautions against coronavirus.

– Coronavirus has meant that we have now for two years lived in other conditions where we have kept our distance and booze off.

– Now life is back to normal and we no longer keep our distance as under the corona.

– That’s why we see these diseases that have been gone and are now coming back with extra vigor.

A particular problem in children is the respiratory infection RS virus.

Since mid-May, 1734 cases have been found in Denmark. Most are children between one and three years old.

The infection often progresses as a cold, but especially in young children under six months, a lower respiratory tract infection is often seen, which leads to problems with breathing.

According to Ulrik Hesislev, the busyness is also felt in the doctor’s office.

This is where citizens call to seek medical help outside the normal opening hours of medical centers and on weekends.

In the capital, this task is accomplished by the Emergency Line 1813.

– My feeling is that there are increased waiting times in all emergency rooms.

– It is of course worrying that some who think they need emergency help have to wait longer.

– And it is also not nice to be on guard when there is such pressure, he says.

Source: The Nordic Page





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