Støjberg in the Supreme Court: Considered exceptions too hypothetical

The key note has been prepared by officials of the Ministry. This indicates that there are cases where pairs cannot be separated.

From the ministry’s system, it can be seen that Støjberg noted that she would discuss the memorandum with her then special adviser Mark Thorsen and then department head Uffe Toudal. It took place the following day, February 9th.

– As I remember it, we are standing in the ministerial corridor, says Inger Støjberg.

She says that she discussed the part of the memo where it appears that there are special cases where exceptions must be made. They come to the conclusion that it is hypothetical, Støjberg explains.

– It’s hypothetical. It’s something we think can go a long way. We do not think there will be exceptions, she says.

She explains that an exception can only be made if the couple has had previous cohabitation, joint child, limited age difference, and that consideration for the minor’s interests in general speaks for itself. All four criteria should apply.

It can be seen from the ministry’s system that a ministerial secretary approved the note on 9 February at 13.44.

– Because it is hypothetical, I approve of it, because then it must be like that, says Støjberg.

After that, according to Støjberg, it was out of her hands, and she expected the ministry to take over and pass on the note to the Danish Immigration Service.

– I had a clear legitimate expectation that they did it because we have a clear workflow in a ministry, she says.

The day after the approval of the memorandum, Støjberg announced in a press release that she had asked the Danish Immigration Service to immediately put an end to minors in the asylum system being able to live with a spouse or cohabitant.

In it, no possibility of exceptions was mentioned. Since in such cases one is entitled to an individual treatment, it will be an illegal way of practicing.

– When you sit with the ministerial note, you can see that it will be far down the road and hypothetical that there will be a couple who should not be separated.

– It is clear that this is also what I want to communicate with the press release, says Støjberg, who adds that a press release is not a legal document.

The press release also stated that no one may be accommodated in “the same asylum center”. Something that Støjberg’s defender, René Offersen, has previously said was “not right in the closet”, as it was known that there were exceptions.

The ministerial note was first made available to the public when the Instruction Commission investigated the case in 2020. According to the commission, it lost its significance when the press release came the next day.

Monday is the fifth day in the case. The court has set aside two and a half days for Støjberg’s explanation. The verdict is expected before Christmas.

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