The government is sending 240 million to the crisis in Afghanistan

The government is sending 240 million to the crisis in Afghanistan

According to Development Minister Flemming Møller Mortensen (S), the help is necessary because the situation in Afghanistan is “very serious”.

– It is really heartbreaking to follow how the development happens. We know that winter is now coming to Afghanistan, and thus we can also expect a further deterioration in the coming months, he tells Ritzau.

The announcement comes in connection with the UN holding a conference on the crisis in Afghanistan in Geneva, Switzerland on Monday.

The contribution from Denmark is given to organizations under the UN, but also to Danish organizations that are already involved in Afghanistan.

The money goes, among other things, to help women and girls, who according to Flemming Møller Mortensen are extra vulnerable in situations like the one in Afghanistan, where people are displaced from their homes.

In addition, the money must support the work of maintaining basic health efforts, which according to the Minister for Development Aid is threatened due to the scale of the crisis.

– We also know from notifications down there that clean drinking water is a huge shortage. So there are a lot of focus areas that we need to focus on in particular, he says.

Since taking power in Afghanistan, the Danish government has allocated DKK 100 in support of refugee and emergency relief efforts in Afghanistan and the surrounding countries, especially Pakistan and Iran.

Denmark has also allocated DKK 20 million for a humanitarian air bridge, which will be used to send supplies and relief workers into the country.

Looking at the whole year, Denmark has so far allocated DKK 500 million in humanitarian aid to Afghanistan and neighboring countries in 2021.

The difference, according to Flemming Møller Mortensen, is that where more of the money used to go directly to the government in Afghanistan and thus to building schools and training Afghan officials, more now goes to humanitarian work.

He emphasizes that this is not money that would otherwise have gone to efforts in other countries.

But the Afghans should not be left in the lurch. It also means that Denmark will continue to help in Afghanistan into 2022.

We will have to assess from week to week how the Taliban will act. That is why it is really difficult to say what it will be like to get emergency aid and humanitarian aid out. But from the Danish side, we do not forget the Afghan population, says the Minister of Development.

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