The Great Belt Bridge reviews a man who climbed on it

The Great Belt Bridge reviews a man who climbed on it

This is confirmed by communications manager at Sund & Bælt Lene Gebauer Thomsen.

– We were made aware of it, shortly after it happened. Then we went in and saw it on social platforms, she says.

– We have handed over the case to the police because it is really dangerous in terms of road safety. They are in the process of looking at it, and we have a dialogue with them, says Lene Gebauer Thomsen.

To Ekstra Bladet, the deputy police inspector at Sydsjælland and Lolland-Falster Police, Allan Holm, confirms that they have received the report.

In a video that motocross rider Alex Porsing posted on his social media on Thursday, you could see him crawling around on top of one of the pylons on the Great Belt Bridge without any kind of safety measures.

Two days before on Tuesday, he also crawled on the Old Little Belt Bridge together with another person, which according to BT made citizens report it to the police.

Alex Porsing told the newspaper that he did not know it was illegal and that he is also a professional stuntman and therefore did not consider the risks.

“You have to know that it is life-threatening and that I am a professional, so I have control over what I do,” he told BT.

To Ekstra Bladet, he answers no to whether he should have any moral scruples after the episode on the Great Belt Bridge.

The episode has given Sund & Bælt an opportunity to look at safety on the Great Belt Bridge, says Lene Gebauer Thomsen.

– There is a dialogue about how to avoid it happening again, she says.

The communications manager could not say whether it was motorists on the bridge who spotted the climbing man.

She can also not confirm whether it is the same person who crawled on the old Little Belt Bridge on Tuesday.

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