Three men are deported for aggravated assault against a pedagogical assistant

With a knife, blow, kick and tramp, a 26-year-old male pedagogue assistant was assaulted in a parking lot in the Odense district Vollsmose in June last year.

Just over a year later, five men have been convicted of the violent episode that took place on the evening of June 19 in Fyrreparken.

Together, the men have been sentenced to 10.5 years in prison, Funen Police write in a press release.

The verdict was handed down by the Court in Odense on Monday.

The harshest sentence of three and a half years in prison was given to a 22-year-old man who was convicted of stabbing the now 27-year-old victim. According to, this is Sahal Jaafe, who in addition to imprisonment was also punished with deportation for life.

Also, 18-year-old Abdi Ismail Adan-Guud and 22-year-old Khalid Ali Osman were expelled with the verdict. They received three years in prison and two and a half years in prison, respectively.

While Khalid Ali Osman has been deported with a permanent entry ban, Abdi Ismail Adan-Guud must travel back to Denmark after six years.

All three have been deported to Somalia, writes

The remaining two convicts have received one and a half and one year in prison, respectively. The latter received a warning of deportation.

Prior to the aggravated assault, the now 27-year-old educator’s assistant had reported the now 18-year-old for an assault with a pepper spray at the residence where he worked.

Shortly before the case went to court, the 27-year-old was looked after by the five men. They approached him when he had parked to hand over his 4-year-old daughter to the girl’s mother, the victim explained in court.

The man was with a friend who stayed with the daughter while he himself went with the group some distance away to talk. They ended up assaulting him, and in court he described it “as hyenas attacking a prey”, writes Funen Police in the press release.

Prosecutor Daniel Dokkedahl is satisfied with the verdict.

– It is always serious when a witness is assaulted and it is an aggravating circumstance that it is a public employee. Furthermore, it happened in the man’s free time while he was with his little daughter, he says.

All three deportation convicts have appealed the verdict on the spot. The other two have not yet taken a position.

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