The biggest esports tournament will be held in Iceland

The biggest esports tournament will be held in Iceland

As Vísir reports, the biggest esports tournament, the League of Legends World Championship, will be held in Reykjavik this fall. Riot Games announced this news earlier this month. The tournament will start on October 5 and will last approximately four weeks.

This is the final season of the League of Legends professional division and will be played in Laugardalshöll. The tournament was originally intended to be held in China, but due to the country’s disease control measures, it was decided to be held in Iceland. The mid-season tournament was also held in Reykjavík last spring.

Live broadcasts of the competition are very popular. In 2019, the final match of the World Cup was watched by about 100 million people around the world. Pétur Þ. Óskarsson, managing director of Íslandsstofa, says he expects a lot of interest in both the competition itself and Iceland at this tournament.

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