Large fire at salmon factory has created corrosive chemical emissions

Large fire at salmon factory has created corrosive chemical emissions

In connection with the fire at a salmon factory in Hvide Sande on Wednesday evening, a chemical spill occurred in the sea area.

The chemicals have been released into the fjord and have colored the water red. It can be corrosive to the touch.

The Central and West Jutland Police inform this on Twitter.

Police are therefore in the process of getting bathers, surfers and others in the area to search up on land.

– The police are present at the surfing site south of Hvide Sande, also with boats to get people ashore, writes Central and West Jutland Police.

About 70 firefighters have been in action during the night until Thursday to get the fire under control. Thursday morning, the fire was under control.

The fire broke out in the Atlantic Sapphire salmon factory on Wednesday night and developed dangerous smoke that lay low over a cottage area. The wind direction meant that the smoke blew in over the city. 40 residents in the area are evacuated.

At 02 o’clock the wind turned and the smoke blew north towards the fjord and away from the city.

The violent fire has had major consequences for the salmon factory, the company’s director, Thue Holm, said on Thursday. Most fish are dead.

– People have put many years, time and blood into this, so it is of course hard to lose almost everything. The employees have therefore been offered crisis help, said Thue Holm.

– We have also made plans for the coming weeks to make sure that there is still staffing out here to take care of the fish we have left.

It was an employee at the factory who reported the fire. First, smoke was seen from an open door of the factory, and then flames broke through the roof of the building.

Shortly after the report, the police came in contact with the factory manager to gain access to oxygen tanks inside the building. The oxygen tanks were removed, which has cost many fish their lives.

It is unknown how the fire originated.

Source: The Nordic Page




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