The Red Cross is looking for volunteers to help refugees

The Red Cross is looking for volunteers to help refugees

The Red Cross is looking for more volunteers to help refugees who have just arrived in Iceland and for those on their way home.

Six Syrian families, a total of 33 people, arrived in the country last week at the government’s invitation, according to a report on the Red Cross website. Three more families are still awaiting their arrival. These are the so-called “quota refugees” who are offered protection by the Icelandic government.

These families are now under quarantine, after which they will relocate to the municipalities where they will receive support in the coming years. These are Árborg, Reykjavík, Hafnarfjörður and Akureyri.

Afghan refugees from Iran are expected in the middle of next month, after which people from various African countries are expected to arrive from Kenya.

The report stated that the organization is fulfilling its role in welcoming these people, in close consultation and cooperation with the government, municipal social services and other stakeholders such as the Multicultural Center and the Employment Agency.

The main task of volunteers and Red Cross staff is to provide psychosocial support to refugees through counseling and linguistic assistance, as experience shows that “Facilitating connection with the community through personal friendship can be crucial in settling down.”

Therefore, the Red Cross is looking for volunteers interested in taking part in this project, volunteers are sought especially in the vicinity of these municipalities and Reykjanesbær.

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