Tónagull – music workshops for children

Tónagull - music workshops for children

Tónagull is a method of music workshops based on many years of practice, created especially for children belonging to the youngest age group and their parents.

Meetings are held once a week, and their form resembles a musical game, which both children and their guardians enjoy. Tónagull workshops perfectly meet the needs of children aged 8-10 months, however, both younger and older participants (up to approx. 3 years of age) will equally enjoy the course by discovering the world through sounds.

The first workshop Tónagull took place in January 2004 and since then the meetings have been enjoying increasing popularity. The positive reception of the workshops is also evidenced by the fact that parents participating in the meetings often come back again when new children appear in their lives. The method was developed by prof. Helga Rut Guðmundsdóttir, lecturer at the University of Iceland. The created program of workshops was also accompanied by scientific research, the results of which indicate the positive impact of joint music making on both children’s development and parents’ well-being.

We will work during the classes:

  • in Polish
  • based on popular children’s songs and original compositions

We will also use a specially prepared set of simple, child-safe musical instruments. To participate in the workshop you don’t need to have any musical preparation! The teacher in charge of the workshop will guide the participants step by step through the entire structure of the classes with the help of subsequent musical games.

Come and see for yourself how enriching it is to make music together!

Workshop groups:

Reykjavik, Gerðuberg Community Center – Saturdays, 10:00
Hafnafjörður, Hafnarborg Art Center – Sunday, 12:00

Enrollment: CLICK HERE!

The number of places at the workshops is limited!

Participants are also invited to our group at Facebook!

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