Fire of the Grímseyjarkirkja church

Fire of the Grímseyjarkirkja church

Yesterday night, the Grímseyjarkirkja church on the island of Grímsey (north of Akureyri) burned down completely. Before midnight, a great fire broke out in the church and according to the portal, which was the first to report the fire, it was not possible to salvage valuables from the church.

The cause of the fire is not yet known, but a firefighter from Grímsey points to the likelihood of an electrical failure. He says the church burned down in just over 20 minutes.

The church was built in 1867. It was moved due to the danger of fire in 1932, and at the same time a choir and a vestibule with a tower were added next to it, according to the portal Major improvements were made in 1956 when it was rededicated.

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