The Liberal Party wants a showdown with the mayor’s severance pay

The Liberal Party wants a showdown with the mayor's severance pay

The Liberal Party is ready to change the rules for mayors’ severance pay.

It writes the Althing.

– We are ready to make a tightening. We think this will make good sense, says Karsten Lauritzen, group chairman of the Liberal Party, to the media.

However, he does not yet want to decide how to do it.

An example of the mayor’s severance pay is Bornholm’s former mayor Winni Grosbøll (S), who received a year’s mayor’s salary when she got a new job at the Outdoor Council.

At the turn of the year, the Danish People’s Party submitted a resolution proposing to introduce set-off in mayors’ severance pay.

When the proposal was discussed in the Folketing, a majority consisting of the Liberal Party, the Social Democrats, the Conservatives and the Radicals voted against.

However, Minister of the Interior and Housing Kaare Dybvad (S) was ordered to convene a meeting where the rules were to be discussed.

It is after that meeting that the Liberal Party comes up with the new announcement.

– It has been a discussion whether it has been fair that someone has moved directly into a new job and has taken a year’s salaries with him. And we will have cleaned it up and looked at whether there should be a set-off, says the Liberal Party’s municipal spokesperson Anni Matthiesen to the Althing.

Both the Danish People’s Party and the Unity List believe that it is time for the Liberal Party to do something about the mayors’ severance pay.

Source: The Nordic Page

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