Radio Sweden releases new Estonian ferry wreck video – ERR

Radio Sweden releases new Estonian ferry wreck video - ERR

The video, which was released on Monday and was taken by the accident investigation authorities in Sweden and Estonia, shows how pieces of the ferry’s steel structure are bent outwards from the hull.

The Swedish Accident Investigation Board said it did not believe the damage was caused by an explosion.

Jonas Bäckstrand, Deputy Director General of the Board, said that more analysis was needed.

“The international investigation in the 1990s took samples to see if they could find any traces of explosives, and none were found,” he said.

Anders Ulfvarson, professor emeritus of marine construction technology at Chalmers University, said he was surprised by the film.

“There is more damage than I had expected, and it looks like the metal plates are bent outwards,” he told Swedish Radio News.

Estonia sank in the Baltic Sea, killing 852 people on board.

The video can be seen on Radio Sweden website.

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