From crooner to Rome’s polished floors

From crooner to Rome's polished floors

Most recently, he was in the hospital for a day at the end of August.

But he should be ready again, and that probably suits him well.

For September 29, Berlusconi is again where he seems to be thriving: He is the center.

This day it is 85 years since he was born in Milan.

As the years have passed, Berlusconi has done a lot to look younger.

Hair transplantation, beauty surgeries, unusually white and straight teeth.

He seems like a man who is best at looking ahead.

Should he still use his round day to look back, he can see that he has lived a life with events, entertainment, lawsuits, scandals and money in quantities that few people experience.

It has not been without problems. But colorful Berlusconi has often, with a smile on his face and Italian charm, squeezed around the biggest obstacles.

In his early career, one could see him on cruise ships, where he appeared as a crooner.

– I had a repertoire of 150 songs and gladly accepted wishes from the audience, he says in the book “My Way: Berlusconi in His Own Words”.

He entered the private business world by selling vacuum cleaners. He later built apartments in Milan. That was in the 1960s.

He used the profits of an advertising company.

In 1973, he set up his first media company, and it was the media that later made him rich.

He now owns Mediaset through his company Fininvest.

Thus, he controls television stations, newspapers and other media.

It’s both entertainment and news, and as such, billionaire Berlusconi is a powerhouse in Italy.

He also owns the football club AC Milan.

In the 1990s he founded the party Forza Italia (Fremad Italien, ed.).

He sold himself as the successful businessman who was to get an ailing Italian economy back on track.

He has been Prime Minister of Italy three times in a total of nine years.

However, Berlusconi’s political career has also been marked by scandals and lawsuits.

He himself has called the cases a hetz, which has cost him over 200 million euros.

In 2013, he was sentenced to four years in prison for tax evasion. He appealed and was instead sentenced to one year of community service.

He served his sentence by helping at a senior center in Milan.

He has also been accused of paying for sex with a minor and of using his political power to get her released from prison.

It should have happened in 2010. The trials ran for several years with verdict, appeal, acquittal.

However, Berlusconi has since been charged with bribing witnesses. That case is not over yet.

Silvio Berlusconi has been married three times and was last divorced in 2020.

From previous marriages, he has five children, all of whom are deeply involved in the family empire.

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