New major indictment for money laundering of 326 million

New major indictment for money laundering of 326 million

This is stated by the Public Prosecutor for Special Economic and International Crime, in everyday speech the Bagmandspolitiet.

The case is called “Operation Outpay”, and a couple of the perpetrators of the case were arrested last summer. They chose to confess to money laundering, and therefore the court could immediately rule on 353 million kroner.

Quick decisions are unusual in cases of serious economic crime, which are often dealt with during lengthy and demanding processes in the judicial system.

The new charges are the next step in the case and are aimed at three men from Greater Copenhagen, the Bagmandspolitiet informs.

The network acted as a kind of service company. False invoices were delivered to traders in connection with VAT and tax fraud.

The black money was exchanged for euros and sent through a washing machine by transactions through several foreign companies.

The North Zealand Police and the special group Special Investigation East have also participated in the investigation, the Bagmandspolitiet informs.

Source: The Nordic Page




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