Denmark: A group of Icelanders were arrested

Denmark: A group of Icelanders were arrested

In the middle of last month, in Copenhagen, a group of Icelanders suspected of the assault were arrested. Two of them were detained for more than two weeks, and one has already been charged.

According to information from the news agency, the assault took place in Copenhagen on the weekend of 17-19. September. As a result of this incident, at least one person was injured.

There were very violent clashes between several people, in which five Icelanders took part. At first, they were all arrested. However, after a hearing and further investigation, two of them were released without charge as their participation in the case was not considered to be significant.

Three remained in custody. One of them was released on hearing the indictment, but two are still in police custody in Copenhagen. The men have been there for over two weeks. According to information from the news agency, most men are in their thirties who do not usually live in Copenhagen.

The case is on the table of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Police in Copenhagen said in responses to a news agency that the Icelandic had indeed been arrested on September 20 for involvement in the assault. Probably the police are referring to the person who was charged and then released.

No information has been released about the remaining detainees, but the police investigation is still ongoing. The office of the National Police Commissioner in Iceland was unable to comment on the matter when a news agency requested it.

The reply from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed that the case was being examined by the office, but that the Ministry did not provide any relevant information on the matter.

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