ISS is charged after the death of the cleaner

ISS is charged after the death of the cleaner

Following an investigation by the Danish Working Environment Authority, the prosecution has decided to prosecute the employer.

The fine requirement is 160,000 kroner and is calculated on the basis of fixed rates, informs senior plaintiff Rikke Hald in North Zealand Police.

– Our opinion is that the work was not organized in a fully safe manner – and including that the employee was not sufficiently instructed on how to cross the track, she says about the background for the case being raised.

The ISS denies guilt and several witnesses have been summoned to a court hearing on Friday.

Not only did the Danish Working Environment Authority move out to Farum Station after the collision. The AIBN also tried to clarify the process.

The employee had been employed by ISS for four and a half years, of which he had worked at Farum Station for the past three years, according to a report from the AIBN.

The later deceased, along with a colleague, had just left a living room and was about to cross the track to clean trains when the accident happened.

However, they did not cross the track together. One went in advance because the other was going to the toilet. The survivor heard a scream, the report said.

It also states that the AIBN believes that the victim had the necessary training to drive in and by the track.

However, the Danish Working Environment Authority and the Public Prosecutor’s Office therefore believe that the Working Environment Act has been violated.

The cleaning employee turned 39 years old.

Source: The Nordic Page




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