Grant for more people to solve 112 problems in the capital

Grant for more people to solve 112 problems in the capital

A grant of ten million kroner must help solve the problems that have been with 112 calls in the Capital Region.

A broad majority of the regional council agreed on Tuesday night.

Berlingske has described how thousands of calls have been lost when emergency calls have been forwarded from Hovedstadens Akutberedskab to the region’s emergency center, which can send an ambulance.

A missed call covers the fact that citizens do not receive immediate help from a health professional at the region’s emergency center due to queues. If you do not succeed in contacting within 22 seconds, the call counts as missed.

As part of the grant, follow-up has also been required. This is what Regional Council Chairman Lars Gaardhøj (S) says in a press release.

– I am glad that there was broad support in the regional council for the plan, which has been presented with a total grant of ten million kroner, but a clear demand was also expressed to the Emergency Preparedness, that the politicians will ensure that they continuously be kept informed about the situation regarding 112 and the Emergency Preparedness as a whole, says Lars Gaardhøj.

At a meeting on 7 December, the administration must therefore present a model. In future, it must ensure ongoing information, just as the administration at the meeting will explain considerations about the managerial challenge in the Emergency Preparedness.

At the meeting, the Emergency Preparedness must also provide a status of the work of ensuring sufficient capacity at the 112 emergency center.

– First and foremost, more employees must be ensured to answer telephones when citizens call for help, but there is increased pressure on the entire emergency area.

– That is why a new practice will be introduced this autumn, so that the Emergency Preparedness will use the ambulance services smarter and improve the response times, says Lars Gaardhøj.

He emphasizes that all problems in the emergency area have not been solved with the extra grant of ten million kroner.

According to the chairman of the regional council, this is the first step in a development that will be followed closely – also after the meeting on 7 December.

Source: The Nordic Page

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