The Wind scooter company has finished operations in Iceland

The Wind scooter company has finished operations in Iceland

The company stopped operating the rental of scooters, which were very often used by city residents and tourists.

Acting transport manager for Reykjavik City, Guðbjörg Lilja Erlendsdóttir, said Wind officials announced in early fall that the company intends to stop serving Reykjavík.

“The only thing we really found out was that the shutdown of the company had nothing to do with Reykjavik or communicating with us, and the decision was made by the company’s management.”

Electric scooter rental is a licensed activity in Reykjavik, and companies must maintain a certain level of use to maintain their operating license. Guðbjörg says Wind has had no trouble reaching that minimum.

Wind became the largest player on the market almost immediately

“We would like to inform you that our service has closed in Iceland and therefore our electric scooters can no longer be rented. At the moment we have no information regarding our return, but thank you for choosing Wind and for being a loyal customer. “ Wind says in the customer ad.

It has also been found that users who still have unused funds on Wind will receive a refund in the coming weeks, but it is also possible to apply for a faster refund.

“This market is developing very well and you don’t worry too much about it. Driving down Laugavegur street, I probably passed fifteen scooters of this type ” said Paweł Bartoszek, chairman of the Reykjavik City Planning and Transport Council.

The Wind scooter rental company entered the Icelandic e-scooter market on September 5, 2020 and from day one it had twice as many scooters as its competitor, for a total of 600.

Yellow scooters, a hallmark of Wind, enjoyed popularity and immediately became very prominent in Reykjavik. A little over a year ago, the situation suddenly changed.

Established in 2017, Wind Mobility operates electric bike and scooter rentals in at least six countries.

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