Poles are the largest minority in Iceland

Poles are the largest minority in Iceland

The latest data from the National Registry shows that at the end of last month, there were a total of 374,704 people living in Iceland. When compared with last December data, an increase of 6,000 was recorded.


Over the same period, the number of Icelandic citizens increased by 3,489. This figure is in line with the typical increase of 1.1%.

Statistics also show that there are currently 2,500 more foreigners living in Iceland than at the end of 2020. Iceland’s population of foreign origins now stands at 53,973, representing 14.4% of the country’s population. These people come from 160 different countries.


Poles are the largest minority in Iceland

At the beginning of the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, a decrease in the number of Poles arriving in Iceland was observed. However, now the number of Polish citizens living in Iceland is growing again. Poles are the most numerous group of foreigners living in the country, a total of 21,018 people.

The second largest group are Lithuanians, who live in the country 4,738.

In the last ten months, the number of US citizens has increased by 16.1%. Currently, 994 Americans live in Iceland.

More data can be found here, including a spreadsheet of the number of inhabitants by citizenship.

Source: Yle




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