The Christian Democrats clap Rohde: No one can control me

The Christian Democrats clap Rohde: No one can control me

– You can not control me. I may have a hard time controlling myself, but that is not the intention either, says Jens Rohde.

According to Rohde, there must be room for different opinions. And they were presented, as when Verner B. Andersen in Silkeborg presented abortion resistance as an alternative solution to a current problem: How to increase the labor supply.

– We took the lives of thousands of children before they were born. We lack them in the labor market today, says Verner Andersen.

But there were no conflicts or clashes at the meeting.

Rohde, who has a past in the Liberal Party and the Radical Left, joined the party in April, among other things, with a fundamental demand that all women have the right to abortion.

– People must ventilate their views, but the party’s policy is completely fixed. There are many interesting views in all parties, says Rohde and continues:

– We will never ever restrict a woman’s right to abortion. Never, says Jens Rohde.

Then one could think that there was fertile ground for at least lively debate in the party, which was created as a protest against free abortion.

But no critics took the stage. On the contrary, Jens Rohde was received by standing ovations.

– I’m so happy when I clap before I speak. It is not always that there is applause, after I have spoken, Rohde began his speech, which contained many passages on the New Testament.

The latter fell into good soil with the audience.

– You’re doing something the rest of us can’t. You mix Christianity in. When we do, we are told that we are preaching. When you do that, you explain, says Elise Bjørnholt.

One would immediately think that Jens Rohde challenged parts of the hinterland when he stated:

– No one should ever hit someone with a bible or with religious scriptures without being contradicted. If someone strikes at minorities or keeps them down, then we must lift them and defend them – regardless of popular affiliation, ethnicity, gender or sexual orientation, says Jens Rohde.

In the hinterland of the Christian Democrats, there has always been opposition to homosexual marriages and to some against, for example, homosexual couples needing help to have children.

But Jens Rohde was greeted by applause and no opposition from the participants in the national meeting. Both during and after his speech.

In general, the party’s members are excited that they once again have a member of the Folketing.

– Actually, I like to watch parliamentary debates. But it’s a little more fun now. It is a great pleasure, says Marianne Karlsmose from Tarm.

Source: The Nordic Page

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