Motorcyclist loses his life on driving system

Motorcyclist loses his life on driving system

A 32-year-old man was killed in an accident at the Padborg Park motorsport facility on Friday afternoon.

This is stated by the South and Southern Jutland Police, who received the report of the accident at 15.59.

– He had to test drive a motorcycle when it went wrong. He hits a crash barrier and is thrown by the motorcycle, says police chief Erik Lindholdt.

The 32-year-old was killed on the spot in the accident.

Police on Friday night can not say anything about why it went wrong for the motorcyclist.

A car inspector has been called in to investigate the accident, just as the Danish Working Environment Authority has been called in, as the motorsport facility is also a workplace.

– In addition, the emergency preparedness is activated to take care of the employees and the other guests who witnessed the accident, says Erik Lindholdt.

The relatives of the motorcyclist have been notified of the accident.

Padborg Park is located in Vesterbæk about six kilometers northwest of Padborg, and has a 2150 meter long motorsport track.

The system is used, among other things, for driving technical courses, car tests and motorcycle tests. Three days a week it is used for motorsport, it appears from Padborg Park’s website.

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