They want the old Herjólfur in Breiðafjörður

They want the old Herjólfur in Breiðafjörður

There is a particular emphasis on transport issues in the resolutions of the Congress of the West Fjords District Association (Fjórðungssamband Vestfjarða), which was held this weekend in Ísafjörður. Local councilors believe it is important that the new ferry pass through Breiðafjörður instead of Baldur, which is currently operating in the fishing industry. The current ferry does not meet all needs and the safety of passengers is not guaranteed.

In the opinion of Fjórðungssamband Vestjarð, the decision of Vegagerðin to extend the existing contract with Sæferðir, the company that deals with the ferry crossing the fjord – even until spring 2023 – will not be accepted. The municipalities in the Westfjords are clearly demanding that the old Herjólfur ship be prepared so that the ship can dock at Flatey in Breiðafjörður and Brjánslækur – and will be used in Breiðafjörður until a new ferry arrives. Old Herjólfur has been tied to the Vestmannaeyjar pier for two years and is an emergency ferry for the new one, which started operating in 2019.


Now that the Dýrafjarðar tunnel is ready and road construction is underway on Dynjandisheiði, traffic in the south of the Westfjords is projected to increase. In this respect, the Baldur ferry and its cruises are, according to congress, a pillar in the transport issues of the Westfjords, also in the context of business practices.

The conclusions of the congress underline the need for road modernization and tunnel construction, and Vegagerðin needs to strengthen its winter services. Obstacles to smooth transport are road closures due to weather and the current organization of winter services. Western aquaculture is returning billions of crowns to the national economy. Within five years, it can be expected that the annual production of sea trout farming in this area will amount to over 50 thousand. tons, which is half more than today. The transport of products and inputs will therefore increase even more. The maintenance and improvement of the road system must take this into account.

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