Home Safety – A safe place to live for everyone

Today, the inter-institutional project “Home Safety – a safe place to live” has started, which aims to determine the number of people living in industrial and commercial buildings in the capital district.

Following a fire in Bræðraborgarstígur street in Reykjavík last year, in which three people lost their lives, at the request of the Minister of Social Affairs, the Office of Civil and Civil Engineering (HMS) was tasked with developing proposals to improve fire safety in all inhabited buildings.


To this end, HMS (Office of Civil and Civil Engineering) established a working group which presented thirteen proposals for improving the system. One of them was to determine the actual number of people living in utility buildings and to collect information on the state of fire safety and the social situation of their residents.

It was decided to start work in the capital district to develop and improve the mapping method in order to be able to efficiently carry out the action throughout the country at a later stage.

“At this stage, our main goal is to determine the scale of the phenomenon and the number of people living in industrial buildings. Then, work will be done to improve solutions that will create safer living conditions for all. The determination of the actual state of affairs creates the basis for the state institutions to introduce the necessary changes to prevent the tragic events that took place at Bræðraborgarstígur. “ – says Jón Viðar Matthíasson, Chief of the Fire Department in the Capital District.

The project was entrusted to the Fire Brigade in close cooperation with HMS, ASÍ (Confederation of Icelandic Trade Unions) and municipalities in the capital district. The implementation of the project is scheduled for approximately three months. As part of it, a group of inspectors will conduct a visit program in all buildings in the capital district that are registered as industrial. The inspectors will talk with the residents of the visited buildings about the state of fire protection and their social situation. The information obtained is anonymous and will not be personally identifiable.

As part of the project promotion, a website was launched HomeSafety.is – homeSafety.is where you can find out more about it in six languages.

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