The murder in the Old Town – The split, Encrochat and the man who spoke

It is often said that the first hours after a murder can be decisive for the outcome of an investigation. During the murder in the Old Town, the police investigation leader is reached shortly after the shooting of information that is to be of great importance.

Namely, investigations are already underway against several individuals in a drug case and telephone calls from the interesting individuals have been active at the murder scene.

The hunt for the perpetrators begins and it will end with 12 people being convicted of involvement in the murder and one for stamping out the murder of one of the murdered man’s relatives.

The Court of Appeal negotiations are now underway, and the defense has called in experts from England to question the use of something that has occurred frequently during the past year’s serious criminal investigations – Encrochat.

Will the defense have any luck? Will the case go all the way to the Supreme Court? And how is it that a person who chose to tell a great deal about his activities did not receive any leniency?


Evalisa Wallin

Viktor Ahldén


Anna Bergkvist, head of police investigation

Daniel Johnsson, Hisingen municipal police

Thomas Martinson, defense attorney

Filip Rydin, Defense Attorney

Peter Sommer, Professor of Digital Forensics

Producer: Viktor Papini

Reporter: Karin Isaksson

Recordist: Johan Hörnqvist

Contact: [email protected]

Tip phone: 0734-61 29 15






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