The cause of the journalist’s death in a bicycle accident was confirmed

The cause of the journalist's death in a bicycle accident was confirmed

The Transportation Accident Investigation Commission believes that a 65-year-old man who was found unconscious on the sidewalk between Seljaskógur and Engjasel earlier this year and died from his injuries 24 hours later was likely to have lost his balance and fell off his bicycle. He did not have a helmet and sustained a serious head injury. The bike did not have studded tires.

The commission does not rule out that the accident may have been caused by a slipping on the pavement. The path was slippery but sandy. It was not possible to determine the speed of the bicycle at the time of the accident, but traces at the scene indicated that it was not high.

The report said the man had sustained a fatal head injury.

The Commission notes that data analyzes have shown that the vast majority of fatal cycling accidents are caused by head injuries. Bicycle helmets provide protection against these injuries and cyclists are encouraged to wear an approved helmet when riding.
Cyclists are also encouraged to make their bicycles specially prepared for winter riding. Use studded tires, pay special attention to lighting your bike, and wear clothing that provides visibility.

You can read the commission’s report in Icelandic HERE.

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